Sunday, 28 April 2013

Credit Union Enterprise Project wins Scottish Money for Life Challenge Final

WE WON!!!!

As part of our curriculum plan for this academic year, we entered a national competition supporting students to challenge issues of financial capability and literacy in their local community. Details can be found at:

I blogged about the aforementioned project at the beginning of this academic year and provided an insight into how we'd attempted to incorporate the Senior Phase of CfE into our curriculum planning. I hoped that through partnership working, coupled with the promotion of collaborative working, we would see some positive results. It's been challenging at times and some students find it diffcult to engage with this sort of approach. We have, however, taken real strides and we will build on what we have achieved next year; reflecting on our successes and continuing to offer an experience of real value to our learners.

Listed below, as a reminder, are the teaching and learning strategies that we aimed to embed within the course structure. There are obvious links to the SfLLW Framework

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Employability, enterprise and citizenship
  • Thinking

Successful learners

  • The bespoke course includes the use of , a Royal Bank of Scotland scheme designed to improve financial literacy and promote independent living.
  • The following SQA Unit is integrated into the design and delivery of the project: Financial Services: Personal Finance Awareness DM7X 11 (Intermediate 2)
  • Learners are charged with the organisation, management, marketing and operation of the Credit Union with support from tutors and Credit Union Staff.
Confident Individuals
  • Learners are encouraged through activities, research and exposition to fully understand the implications of financial exclusion, the relationship between the lack of financial literacy and social deprivation.
  • The Credit Union ethos is built on community cohesion and civic responsibility
  • The co-operative spirit of the Credit Union is emulated by the independence of the student cohort in developing appropriate strategies for success.
Responsible citizens
  • Ethical issues are explored through the examination of the cause of the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Learners are encouraged, through research and activities, to examine the financial, social and ethical issues that relate to financial products made available to the citizens of Scotland.
Effective Contributors
  • Learners work independently on all aspects of the Social Enterprise activity.
  • An oversight committee monitors all activities of the project. Membership includes four learners, two JWC staff and a representative of 1st Alliance.
  • Learners work on sub-projects, including the use of social media in marketing and promotion.
Finally, a big thank you to all my students-enjoy your success!